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My Work

Throughout my 7 years in the industry, I have written (quite literally) thousands of pieces of content for hundreds of clients. The selection below is tailored to offer an overview of my eclectic skill set.

My Creativepool Profile


A piece for which I sourced dozens of opinions on the 2018 Cannes Lions festival, from various influencers in the advertising industry.


An example of a blog post written earlier this year. The job involved a very minimal brief and a lot of research.

Open Doors

A press release detailing the launch of an interview series.

Yellow Cabs

Content page for a company offering luxury cruise services around Sydney Harbour. This is just one of 40 pages I created for the company last year.

Opera House at Sunset

This is a large blog post I created for the Californian visual effects company, VFX Legion. I used a 60-minute interview with the company founders to source my information and used my skills to transform their words into an in-depth piece on the realities of working in the VFX industry.

Special Effects

A feature I wrote for Creativepool last year on the annual Gamescom convention.


An in-depth review of Coldplay's album "Ghost Stories," written for the Subba Cultcha online music magazine in 2014.

photo by Frank Schwichtenberg

25 of the 50 website pages of content I wrote for the Accident Advice Helpline. Notice the clean, natural keyword integration.

Driver Crash

A piece on the strange trend of popular music acts being used as a legitimate 'stealth' resource for brands and advertisers.


An exceptionally 'meta' piece I wrote for a client detailing the specifics of copywriting itself.

Typewriter Keys

A phone interview I conducted for the Subba Cultcha online music magazine with Carl Barat from indie rock legends The Libertines.


A piece I wrote last year for Creativepoo on the effects of the notoriously tone-deaf Pepsi ad, starring reality TV star Kendall Jenner.


Exactly what it says on the tin! Knowing next to nothing about scarves prior to writing this piece, this one required an intensive amount of research. Thankfully, it paid off!

Male Model

A blog I wrote for a chartered property surveyor in London. Again, notice the sparse, but effective keyword implementation.

London Street

A final piece from Creativepool, this time one written using the help of a press release, provided to me by the agency BBH London.

Record Heads