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What I Can Do For You

I provide a diverse range of copywriting services to meet a vast range of needs from my clients. I strive to provide only the utmost professionalism, creativity, and results-driven content that will help your business grow.

How do I achieve this? Through the various creative solutions below:-


Website Content

Good website content should not only compliment and work seamlessly with the design, functionality and style of your site, but it should also reflect the tone, values and qualities of your brand. My website content services include (but are not limited to) website copywriting, SEO copywriting, e-commerce product descriptions, blogs, articles, online case studies and more besides.

I offer website copy tailored to meet the objectives of your business and the tastes of your audience. Whether you require copy for a brand new site or want to give your existing content a little spit and polish, I know how to get your message across in seconds.

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SEO Copywriter

In recent years, SEO has come a long way from the keyword stuffed, unreadable content that flooded the internet 5 years ago. Google has evolved and SEO copywriting has (mercifully) done likewise. SEO content now needs to be relevant, useful and appealing, with keywords and phrases that are used sparingly and reflect the customer and the brand.

Of course, SEO is always changing, but rest assured I’m always one step ahead. I can provide SEO copywriting with smart, sophisticated keyword integration that sits naturally within the text and will help your site rank organically. I understand that copy is written to be read by human beings, not computer algorithms, so I always make sure that keyword integration feels unforced and that any calls to action feel like they’ve been earned.

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Press Releases

Editors for both online and print publications receive hundreds of press releases every day, so it’s important that yours makes an impact.

I can provide professional press releases tailored to suit local, national and trade publications. My copy will be structured to appeal to busy, jaded editors, with eye-catching titles, proper formatting, relevant quotes and an angle I think will help it cut through the noise.



With a journalistic background in advertising, design, technology and music, I am perfectly placed to offer journalistic content with wit and integrity. I have spent the last 4 years working as the chief contributor and assistant editor of the Creativepool magazine. This has involved researching stories, chasing leads, arranging and transcribing interviews and compiling numerous weekly roundup and annual ‘end of year’ opinion pieces.

I have also worked as a staff writer for a number of online music magazines. My tasks involved reviewing not only hundreds of releases but also live gigs, festivals, movies and video games. I also wrote many features, which included high profile artist interviews.

Press Coverage

Product Descriptions

In an increasingly crowded marketplace, expertly written product descriptions that can make even the most mundane items seem exciting and necessary are more important than ever before. An effective product description should immediately draw the attention of any consumer and turn their curiosity into custom. I can do this by highlighting the benefits of your product, providing information and answering any questions the consumer might have in as engaging and expedient a manner as possible.

I can help transform the fortunes of any e-commerce site with smart, expertly-written product descriptions, which can be as concise or as detailed as the client demands. Whatever you’re selling, allow me to bring your products to life on the page!

Shelves with Products


A blog is still the fastest and most convenient way to tell a search engine that your site deserves attention. Keeping your website fresh with thoroughly researched and edited blog posts will not only demonstrate that you know your industry and that your business is a cut above the rest, but that your site is constantly being updated.

I have extensive experience in meticulously researched and crafted blog content, which will not only be readable and engaging, but will make your site that much more visible and alive. I also have experience with blog editing and proof-reading, so if you wish to keep your content creation in-house, but require a keen eye to buff up your words until they sparkle, I’ll be more than willing to lend a hand.

Portfolio Web Design


Looking for a feature to promote your business online or offline? From detailed interviews to thought leadership pieces and more, I am willing to work to your whims and your budget. Whether you’re wishing to inform, inspire or entertain (perhaps all three?) an article is a wonderful way to share your ideas and promote your business.

As a freelance writer, I have written hundreds of articles in recent years on subjects as diverse as advertising, video games, design trends, music production, advertising, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, GDPR and the World Cup. And that’s just for starters. To read just a fraction of these pieces, please feel free to check out my profile at Creativepool.

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Everything Else

In my career as a copywriter, I have tried my hand at everything from reviews, interviews, marketing materials and email blasts, to newsletters, mobile applications, brochures, leaflets, sales flyers, print ads, commercials and more.

Simply put; if you need words, in any given capacity, I’m your man.