Since entering the world of copywriting in 2011, I have worked with numerous agencies and clients. From startups to household names, I've seen it all. Below you'll find a selection of my most recent clients and collaborators.



I have worked as a chief contributor at the Creativepool industry magazine for the last 4 years. My primary role has been sourcing and writing up stories relating to the creative industries (advertising/design/technology). My weekly roundup pieces have become a staple of the site, but I have also provided them with in-depth industry interviews, opinion pieces and press releases.


Future Content

For almost 3 years now I have been writing on a freelance basis for the Bristol-based content creation and strategy firm, Future Content. This has included writing for clients in the Fintech, security, retail, gaming, buy-to-let, and recruitment sectors, amongst many others.


Write Arm

I have been working sporadically on various blogs and white paper assignments for Write Arm since 2018. Clients are primarily based in the cloud computing sector.


Cambridge Web Marketing

I have been writing as a remote copywriter for online marketing agency Cambridger Web Marketing for 2 years now. I have produced expertly researched blog content for the site and their various clients, which include everything from swimming pool manufacturers to specialist recruitment agencies.


Boom Online Marketing

I have been on the books at Boom for around 3 years now, and have spent that time building a deep portfolio for the agency. I have provided Boom with everything from product descriptions and press releases to web content and blogs, alongside a fair amount of proofing and editing work.

VFX Legion.jpg

VFX Legion

I have worked freelance for the LA-based visual effects company VFX Legion. I turned a single 60-minute interview into a number of lucrative blog posts for the business.


Subba Cultcha

I worked as a staff writer for this online music magazine for nearly 2 years. My tasks involved reviewing not only hundreds of albums/singles/EP's but also live gigs, festivals, movies and video games. I also wrote features, which included high profile artist interviews.


Rice Media

I began my journey into copywriting as a freelance writer for Rice Media; an online marketing agency based in Birmingham.